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Day of the Dead Distilleries

November 1 @ 6:00 pm - 11:55 pm

Event Cost: | $60

Join LASC for a tasting of distilleries now that have now passed on to the big warehouse in the sky.  Many expressions are off the market entirely and some are rarities that are skyrocking in value and nearly impossible to find.

At the Sherman Oaks Whisky Graveyard (aka Stephen London’s yard) we will eulogize each whisky with its history and cause of death.  Please wear dark colors to solemnize the occasion.  A typical funeral reception  buffet will be available with sandwiches and appetizers.  Kleenex and Glencairns will be provided.

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<cue Thriller by Michael Jackson>

Darkness falls upon the land
And one by one the stills go dead
Each murdered by a corporate hand
So vodka could be poured instead

They slew the ancient and the young
And let their corpses rot in mud
Yet now you wait with thirsty tongue
To taste their final golden blood

You start to feel a numbing chill
The thrill of what you shall consume
The spawn of fifteen hallowed stills
Await in fifteen glassy tombs

Yet as the spirit meets its end
Your glencairn starts to quiver
For rarely does your crystal send
The undead to your liver



The Dearly Departed

Port Ellen 1982 Old Malt Cask 25yr
Lochside 1981 Lombard 23yr
Glenesk 1983 Duncan Taylor 20yr
Brora 1981/2002 Old Malt Cask 21yr
Coleburn 1983/2009 AD Rattray for Chateau Louis 25yr
North Port-Brechin 1981 Connoisseur’s Choice 24yr
Linlithgow 1982 Signatory Cask Strength for La Maisson du Whisky 25yr
Rosebank 1990/2000 Signatory Vintage 10yr
Glen Mhor 1976 Rare Malts 28yr
Dallas Dhu 1979 Gordon & MacPhail 34yr
Ladyburn 1975 Signatory Cask Strength 37yr
Glenlochy Cadenhead’s Authentic 17yr
Millburn Gordon & MacPhail 27yr
Pittyvaich 1993 Connoisseurs Choice 13yr
Banff 1985 Cadenhead’s Authentic 21yr

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