250ml Club

The Rules:

1. Club Members only. Otherwise any external deal must go through, and is the full responsibility, of a club member.
2. Club Members are defined as dues-paid, lifetime members of LA, OC, SD, or Atlanta Scotch Clubs.
3. To split a bottle, post it as a 3-way split. The proposer gets the bottle, while the other two get 250ml bottles.
4. Bottles or partial bottles may be posted with a price or trade request.
5. Expect the final cost to be a bit more than the posted price due to shipping and tax.
6. Do NOT complain about pricing. Let the market work itself out.
7. Bottles have one month to sell before dropping from the page.
8. Once a deal is made, report it as sold.  Keep personal conversations off the page.
9. This isn’t a chat page. Keep discussions on topic.
10. Scotch Club leadership does not profit from and is NOT legally responsible for any transaction. This page is only a way to help friends share whisky with one another.

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