Ardbeg Dark Cove


Ardbeg Dark Dove – The Definite Answer to Maybe Buying It

So this bottle was marked for an LASC Ardbeg event… and still is.  Due to popular demand, and since you are all wanting to know whether or not to buy it NOW… here is one review from a guy who has enjoyed a lot of Ardbeg.


For those who have bought the annual releases, this could be described as 30% Gallileo and 70% Ardbog.  You get that decaying wood funk, a hint of old metal,  with just a bit of dried apricots and other typical dried fruit (trail mix minus nuts.)   This one doesn’t burn, so you can really take a few big whiffs and float off to Islay.


This really attacks you with flavor needles.   Once you regain your composure, gunpowder and wintergreen start playing around in a dry way.  Although the flavor is intense. the thin mouthfeel is disappointing.  The finish is long and spicy.  You may find yourself looking like a dog with peanut butter on its mouth.

This rates as a B/B+, which is a fine dram by OUR standards.  In the realm of  Ardbeg special releases, I’d imagine this in the top half, but not by much.   It’s fun but a little immature.

Should you buy this?

If you dislike peat, run like the wind and don’t turn around.  For most people now accustomed to dropping a c-note on the yearly Ardbeg, this certainly won’t strike you as a bad purchase.  You’ll probably drink it slowly over the year and conclude that you paid a fair price (at least and today’s inflated levels.)




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