Are We LAWS?

lasc_vsOne of the more common mistakes in the scotch community is confusing the LA Scotch Club and LA Whisk(e)y Society. This is easy to do because the two clubs are among the most visible and consistently active of the whisky drinking social clubs in America. We’re both in Los Angeles and we were both formed in late 2006, independently.

First of the two major differences in the clubs is in the names. The LA Scotch Club was founded by a pair of scotch enthusiasts, and the LA Whisk(e)y Society by a group of 10 friends with an interest in bourbon and scotch (note the spelling of American whiskEy versus Scotch whisky.) LASC respects bourbon and rye and many members have quite a collection. Although there is the occasional crossover meeting, LASC concentrates on scotch or other whiskies produced as an equivalent spirit (ex. Japanese Whisky) laws_vs

LA Scotch Club is public. Anyone over 21 is welcome to participate. Most of our events are open, however there is an official membership for those who wish to become even more involved. LAWS formed as a private club of 10 members, and was intended to stay as such. Although the Society has evolved to take in a few new members, it is content with its limited membership and prefers to present its public service by publishing extensive whisk(e)y reviews. Because of the LA mentality that something is only worth getting in if it is impossible to get in, many are waiting in that line.

The Scotch Whisky community is a small group and there is some crossover of membership between the two. The founders of LASC are members of LAWS and vice versa. In the end, we’re all just regular folks who enjoy a great dram.

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