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Bakery Hill is a new single malt whisky distillery to Australia and is rapidly developing a reputation as one of the finest malt whisky distilleries in the world.

Outstanding reviews have appeared in the whisky magazine, the malt whisky yearbook and Jim Murrays Whisky Bible just to name a few.
Dominic Roskrow, editor of the World Whisky Review states, “ They are just not good by Australian standards they’re good by any standards you’ll find world wide. The balance of peat and liquid honey in the peaty version is without equal anywhere on the planet. We’re talking 90 points plus here. Great great whisky.
While Jim Murray in his “Whisky Bible” notes, “there are about 20 distilleries in Speyside that would die to be able to make whisky this stunningly integrated. Young, barely pubescent but sheer unadulterated class.

Bakery Hill was established in 1999 by David Baker to disprove the notion that Scotland was the only place in the world that could make single malt whiskies because of the “ air and the water”.
Situated near Mount Dandenong, equipment design and production trials continued over the next 3 years while David was teaching chemistry.
Fully established and confident of being able to make a consistently good malt whisky, full time production which commenced in 2003.

Current production in includes 5 expressions:

Bakery Hill Classic single malt @ 46% abv.
Bakery Hill Double Wood.
Bakery Hill Peated malt @ 46% abv.
Bakery Hill Classic @ Cask Strength.
Bakery Hill Peated @ Cask Strength.

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