Cradle Mountain

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Cradle Mountain Whisky is a brand, which comes from a significant pedigree. It claims the title of Tasmania’s first commercial whisky company started in 1989 with its first commercial sales in the mid 90’s. In 1995, one of the company directors visited Scotland with a sample bottle Cradle Mountain Whisky. He brought it to the attention of independent bottler William Cadenheads, the marketing arm of Springbank Distillery to get a perspective on the quality of the whisky. Springbank Distillery was so impressed they ordered seven barrels, which in the early days was a considerable achievement for the company, the industry, and Tasmania. This coop received a great amount of media attention both locally and internationally.

This whisky has now been released by Cadenhead as a part of a World Whisky promotion. Cradle Mountain Whisky was recently revitalized in 2015 to ensure the 25 year legacy of the company is carried forward. The company is continuing to age some of their older stock with a target of 20+ years making a great whisky even better”. New products are also in production due for release in 2019.

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