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Come forward to 1998 to a shed in rural Golden Bay and a new phase in NZ whiskey production began. On a quest to create an icon NZ whiskey, influenced by the early healers and alchemists elixirs made for the elite of ancient times, Terry Knight developed the “WAITUI WHISKEY”. Distilled from a malt mash, aged in oak honey mead barrels, then balanced with the ancient water’s of the Te Waikoropupu aquifer, producing a distinctive “single honey malt whiskey”.  Only small batches of the “Waitui Whiskey” are produced and carefully aged for a minimum of six years in fired french oak honey wine/mead barrels.

We’ve finally we’ve moved to our new exciting premise old (Golden Bay Winery) complete with 25 acres here our tequila will be grown and developed.  Just had council approval to expand the original footprint of the winery into an impressive scale distillery here we’ll step up production to a level where Wai-tui Whiskey can be sold off shore.  Having just commissioned a designer to re brand our Wai-tui whiskey it is underway having a whole new brand and design change.  Under Kiwi Spirits, focusing on a style that relate to kiwi/pacific heritage, the look and feel is a mix of hand-made artisan with small batch quality feel.  So much is happening for us in Golden Bay, it’s kind of a work in progress in a exciting way, we will certainly keep you posted.

kind regards,
Rachel and Terry


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