Selling and Valuations

Do you have RARE and SPECIAL single malt scotch to sell?  Do you even know what it is?  eBay is has shut down selling and the auction houses charge ridiculous fees and are a headache.  LASC may be able to find a buyer for your collection.  Send us a description, picture and valuation and we will be happy to supply information about the bottle(s) and help you find an interested collector.

What collectors are interested in primarily are “single malts” or perhaps the rarer “blended malt”.  “Malt” is the keyword here.  Most old or collectible blends are valued at the same rate as their modern equivalent and aren’t an interesting drink.  Johnnie Walker, Chivas, or anything with ‘Canadian” in it are unlikely to draw any interest (please don’t submit them).











Rule: Please do not enter “Best Offer” or “Make an Offer”.  Enter a numeric value in <Valuation> as to what you think your bottle is worth.  If you need to clarify please do so in the description.  If you are only looking for advice or need help, leave the sell price blank, we are happy to give you an approximate valuation.

Notes on submitting:

  • Both singles and collections are welcome.
  • Please understand that you won’t get retail or auction prices (which don’t reflect the seller’s real payout or expenses.)
  • Even good deals may be a waste of time and effort if the bottles aren’t particularly rare or expensive.
  • Strange or beautiful ceramic artsy bottles are of little interest to most whisky collectors.
  • American whiskies will have to be very old to matter.  Canadian are mostly out.  World whiskies are very IN!
  • We will not help you bid against other clubs or collectors.  We know them.  They are our friends.
  • If you are confused as to what you have, please say so.  We will not take advantage.  We’re swell.

Submit Whisky

  • Please no "Make an Offer"
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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