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Springbank Spring Break 2016


Non-drinker tickets and 1974 minis available

It’s been since 2012 since we’ve done a Springbank Spring Break.  The thought of an entire freshman class graduating without this classic tradition is too sad to fathom.   It’s time to revisit Campbeltown.  Once again  Stephen London is sacrificing his estate and pool to LASC for a bacchanal of Springbankery.

The famous Springeritas and Scotermelon will be there for the festivities, along with burgers and dogs.  Then of course, we must technically drink great scotch, because that’s what we do.  Here’s the list this year.

Springbank 25
(because we haven’t and we should)

Springbank 21 – 2002 Release
(the rare classic everyone with $1000 is searching for)

Springbank 21 – 2015 Release
(to compare!)

Longrow 18

Springbank 12 Cask Strength
Springbank 10 – Current Release
Springbank 10 – Old Release
Glen Scotia Double Cask
Kilkerran Sherry Cask

And a very special option to take home

Springbank 1974 Chieftain’s 29yr
1 oz. labeled mini bottle ($16 extra)

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