Tasmanian Heartwood

Official Website

We are not a distillery. We are Independent Bottlers. We select and have input into the new make spirit sourced from 9 distilleries around Australia. We then select a barrel from 5 different barrel types. The new make is place in our selected barrel and then placed in our bond store for maturation.

The Four Corners of Ross is named after a old town in Tasmania called (as you would expect) “Ross”. It has one intersection. On the corners of the intersection is the Pub, the Town Hall, the historic convict jail and the Catholic Church. That is Temptation, Recreation, Damnation and Salvation. Everything that goes into whisky consumption.

The Four Corners of Ross is a vatted malt of 95% Sullivans Cove Whisky and 5 % Lark Whisky.

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